As I said somewhere else in this site, I'm passionate when it comes to programming, seeing it as a craft to be perfected. It is no surprise, then, that I became a confessed Agilist.

Something happened today that made me think about what I think is the meaning to be Agile. The quick answer would be "To value the Agile Manifesto", but somehow I felt that there is more to Agile than that. This is the end result of my musings

Being Agile is more than follow a strict set of practices religiously, that span over all the software development life cycle. It more than trying to go faster, or trying to work better.

Being Agile means to embrace uncertainty, accept change. It means to work on what is actually needed, to produce actual value. It is not measured by the number of practices being followed, or by tagging your process with a methodology. It can be measured by how much we value the manifesto, but the best measure should be the smiles in our users and our team.

Being Agile is more than having a tag or following a procedure. It is a way of thinking, a professional lifestyle, that must be ingrained in the core of the corporate culture, from the C level to the developers, including all the departments.

To become Agile you must be ready to break some paradigms, to challenge the status quo.

Are you ready?

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